We’re ready to develop a culture of accountability.

Does this sound like your board?  If any of these apply to you, material in this section may be relevant for you

  • Our board doesn’t have a policy about connecting with owners.
  • Our board does not have a plan for regularly and deliberately connecting with owners.
  • Our board has developed a plan to connect with owners, but we’re not completely sure what to do next.
  • Our board does not receive regular reports on organizational results.
  • Our board receives a lot of activity reports from operations.
  • Our board receives reports on goals in the strategic plan.
  • The board agenda consists largely of receiving reports about operational details.
  • We receive monitoring reports from the CEO, but they do not give us the level of comfort we need to feel we’ve done due diligence.
  • We aren’t sure the CEO is doing a good job.
  • We seem to spend a lot of time discussing monitoring reports but often don’t know what to do after that
  • The board does not have a formal self-evaluation process.
  • Our board does self-evaluation, but it is very perfunctory.We quickly decide we’ve done fine.