We have a problem – we’re seeking clarity.

Does this sound like your board?  If any of these apply to you, material in this section may be relevant for you.

  • We’re not sure we’re doing our job, because we aren’t completely clear on what we should be doing.
  • Ourboard has never discussed to whom it is accountable, or when we’ve discussed it, we can’t agree.
  • Some board members believe they are accountable only to those who elected or appointed them (e.g., a ward, a region, or a member).
  • Our board has not clearly articulated the results it expects the organization to produce.
  • There is some confusion or fuzziness about where the role of the board stops and the role of the CEO starts.
  • Our board doesn’t really have policies. We just make motions telling the CEO what we want.
  • Our board approves CEO plans.
  • Our board approves internal operational policies.
  • Our CEO reports to the Board Chair.
  • We get a lot of reports, but we’re not sure they tell us what we need to know.
  • Individual board members give instructions to the CEO or staff members.