We’re looking for a solution; we’d like to improve our board meetings and/or structure.

Does this sound like your board?  If any of these apply to you, material in this section may be relevant for you

  • We think we are doing a fairly good job, but we want to excel.
  • We know there must be a better way to govern.
  • We often leave the board meeting feeling frustrated.
  • Our board meetings feel like they’re run by the CEO.
  • We spend a lot of time in board meetings listening to reports.
  • We rarely make it through our agenda; we run out of time, or our board meetings run overtime.
  • We don’t feel like we’re really making a difference.
  • We’re not sure we are fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities.
  • We have bylaws. Do we even need policies?
  • Our board has some policies but they are outdated.
  • Our board has policies but we’re not sure how good they are.
  • We’re reviewing policies regularly, but we feel “stuck.”It feels like we’re just going through the motions.
  • We have policies, but we often make motions about specific decisions, that don’t always find their way into policy.
  • Several staff members report to the board.
  • The board gives directions to various staff members other than the CEO.
  • Our board agenda is created primarily by CEO
  • The board has committees in operational areas (e.g., Finance Committee, Human Resources Committee, Programs Committee) or appoints board members to sit on operational committees.
  • The board has created enough standing committees so each member is on at least one committee.
  • The board has an Executive Committee that pre-digests everything before the board meeting. The rest of the board members feel like rubber stamps.
  • Our Bylaws require us to do some things that are in conflict with Policy Governance principles.