An Introduction to Policy Governance®  - FOR INDIVIDUALS
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An Introduction to Policy Governance® - FOR INDIVIDUALS

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For new board members, prospective board members, board staff, and anyone interested in exploring the Policy Governance model.

The e-course includes:

  • video presentations covering all of the Policy Governance principles
  • supporting reading materials and tools
  • interactive questions to check your understanding of the content
  • live webinar sessions facilitated on Zoom with one of our Policy Governance consultants to answer your questions as you work through the modules, and discuss how the principles would apply in your particular situation.

The modules can be completed at your own pace, but with the first 5 modules to be completed prior to the first live session for your course, and the remaining modules completed prior to the final live session, as shown under the “multiple start dates” below. A Certificate of Completion is available at the end of the course.

Participants will gain a clear understanding of the principles of John Carver’s Policy Governance® model including:

  • Elements of effective governance
  • The value of a system of governance
  • Ownership and the position of the board
  • Accountability through clear delegation
  • Ends policies
  • Executive Limitations policies
  • Monitoring
  • Board Means
  • Fiduciary Responsibility and Policy Governance

Multiple Start Dates
Start your five-week e-course at your convenience!
Course Orientation September 15 with live sessions September 29 and October 20
Course Orientation October 27 with live sessions November 10 and December 1
Course Orientation January 12 with live sessions January 26 and February 16
Further dates to be announced.

Registration is limited, so register early!