You’re a board member, the chair of the board, a board administrator or the CEO/executive director of your organization

Of course, you want to do well in your position. You want to know that your time and effort is making a difference in your organization and in your community. That’s why you’ve chosen to be on the board, or agreed to be appointed to the board, or are assisting the board in an administrative capacity.

Like any other job or volunteer position, the more informed you are about your responsibilities and how to proactively and more effectively fulfill your role, the more value you can add to the organization’s success.

That’s why we’ve created GC Place. Think of it as your source for all things board governance. We’ve created a dynamic site with access to a broad range of governance expertise in a wide range of fields…delivered as online bite-sized continuing education. All the information is stored and indexed for easy access.

It’s available on video, in articles, podcasts and webinars. Once a month, you’ll have access to one of our consultants in a live Q&A.  

It’s affordable!

A monthly subscription cost of $20/month per person or $95 per month for your whole board gives you easy access to governance basics or in-depth, challenging content according to your needs.

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